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Wild Angelica

Wild Angelica, Powerstock
Common, Dorset
Single plant - white flowerheads
Single plant - pink flowerheads
Secondary umbel - recurved  petals,
stamens and bracteoles
Close-up of flowers - 5 stamens,
linear bifid style
Close-up of unisexual flower with 2 styles
Umbel from below - no bracts, some
bracteoles, whitish hairy stem
and umbel rays
4-winged flattened fruits and bracteoles
Close-up of fruit- 3 ridges and
3 of the 4 wings
Young leaf with inflated petiole
Terminal leaflets with serrated margins
Inflated petiole of leaf and flower bud.
Upper green stem and lower purple stem
Whitish, hairy stem
Hairless, purple stem
Large Wild Angelica in mill stream
by the R. Lim in Lyme Regis,
West Dorset
Large flowerheads
Large inflated petiole
Leaves covered in stamens from
protanderous flowers