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Toothwort spikes in woodland, Hog Cliff
Nature Reserve, West Dorset
Single one-sided spike
Flowers: glandular calyces, protruding pink
corollas, scale (replacing leaf)
Pink corollas with styles and stigmas
View into corolla - 3-lobed lower lip, stamen
filaments and protruding style
Close-up of corolla - upper and lower sepal-
like, hairy pinkish calyx lobes,  pink concave
upper corolla lip, purple 3- lobed lower lip,
 and capitate stigma
Close-up of style with yellow capitate stigmas,
encased in immature stamens
5 stamens - pink filaments, white anthers
Close-up of single stamen
Toothwort spike gone to seed
Seed capsules inside calyces
Oval capsule
Toothwort spikes blackened by drying