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Scots Pine

Scots Pine, Abbotsbury, Dorset 
Male cones
Close-up of unripe male cones
Ripe male cones
Close-up of ripe male cones - scales
Female cones on long shoots
Female cones
 Close-up of open female cone in May 
Close-up of closing female cone
Close-up of closed cone - June
Cones - turning downwards
Red developing cones, green 1 year-old and 
brown mature cones
Close-up of 1 year-old cones with 
diamond-shaped marks
2 year-old mature, unopened cones
Open cone
Close-up of marks on mature cone scales
Paired, twisted leaves and scaly shoot bud
Close-up of twisted, paired needles
Grey bark on lower trunk
Scaly, orange and grey bark of upper trunk
Landmark pines, Colmers Hill, Dorset