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Buckthorn (female) Kingcolme Nature Reserve, Dorset
Male flowers on separate tree
Cluster of male flowers
Corolla view - 4 stamens and green petals
Side view- flower stems, sepals, petals and stamens
Close-up of anthers
Clusters of female flowers
Closer view of female flower clusters
Close-up of female flower- 4 petals and 4 styles
Side view of female flower- 4 stigmas, 4 petals, 4 sepals
and  remains of shrivelled sterile stamens
Female flowers with sterile stamens
Young berries
Black, mature berry in August
Last year's grey wood and ythis year's green wood
Upper leaf surface
Lower leaf surface showing prominent veins
Stems with thorns
Close-up of thorn and stem
Old trunk- bark, mosses and lichens